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Kaziah Liz Mejo

Miss Teen International India 2024

Meet Our Dazzling Title Holder, Winner of Bharat24 presents Miss Teen Diva 2024! 17 years of age from gods very own kerala.

A professionally trained classical dancer of 12 years, who sings, and can play the drums and the violin. She Started her career with the Mollywood film ‘shylock’. Currently in Grade 12 and desires to persue law as a profession and be a well established model and actress as ambition.

She Stteped into the spotlight and witness the captivating beauty and grace of our reigning queens from the prestigious Miss Teen Diva 2024 pageant. Among them shines Miss Teen International India, the remarkable Kaziah Liz Mejo, a bright and talented teenage girl with boundless potential, representing the vibrant culture of Kerala with pride and elegance. 

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Other Title Winners


Miss Teen Grand India

The epitome of poise and excellence, KAVIN RAO captures hearts as Miss Teen Grand India, showcasing a blend of talent, grace, and a winning attitude. Her journey exemplifies grandeur and aspirations, setting the stage for future successes and the pursuit of greatness.

Carrisaa Bopanna

Miss Teen Universe India

Carrisaa Bopanna graces the stage as Miss Teen Universe India, exuding charm and sophistication that transcend boundaries. Her magnetic presence and global outlook resonate with the spirit of the universe, inspiring others to reach for the stars and embrace diverse perspectives.

Tanishqa Sharma

Miss Teen Earth India

Embodying elegance and eco-conscious values, Tanishqa Sharma shines as Miss Teen Earth India, advocating for sustainability and environmental awareness. With grace and a fervent commitment to preserving our planet, she stands as a beacon of inspiration for a greener tomorrow.

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