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Glamanand Entertainment inherits a vast range of franchise with a goal of providing the participating girls with a bright and successful career. We do not only groom them in a way to be a fashionista, but also make sure that they become a powerful figure who can influence the society for betterment.

We organize National as well as International events which enables the participants to follow the path leading to their dreams. Here is the list of pageants that we host:

Miss Universe India

Indian Representative for Miss Universe

Miss Teen Diva

Since 2016

Mr Teen India

Since 2016

Miss Multinational

Since 2017

Mrs India

Since 2015

Miss Teen International India

Since 2016

Glamanand Supermodel India

Since 2015

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Swimming Pool

In-House Gym

Golf Park

Movie Hall

Smart Living

Gaming Arena

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Nikhil Anand


Nikhil Anand, the visionary and dynamic chairman of our organization, plays a pivotal role in guiding our team of highly motivated individuals towards the goal of creating a platform where young talent thrives. With a steadfast commitment to seeing the event grow beyond boundaries, Nikhil Anand is dedicated to nurturing a culture where participants are not just contestants, but individuals determined to embrace the essence of the pageant and pave the way for a successful and influential career.

His vision to empower young minds, celebrate resilience, and inspire positive societal change underscores his dedication to finding a teenage luminary who embodies not only beauty and confidence but also possesses the drive to make a lasting impact on a global scale.

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